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The President of the Republic of India awarded Prof. Jaroslav Vacek a prize for his contribution to the study of classical Tamil literature

Appreciation of the work of Prof. J. Vacek in the field of Tamil and Dravidian linguistics by the Annamalai University

At a festive session at the conclusion of the conference on Endangered Languages at the Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics (UGC-SAP-CAS-IV), Annamalai University in Tamilnadu, on 15th March 2013, Prof. J. Vacek was granted the “Certificate of Appreciation” by Annamalai University as an evaluation of his work in the field of Tamil and Dravidian.

Award to Prof. Jaroslav Vacek for his work in the field of Tamil Studies

At a celebratory meeting including a cultural programme on December 22, 2012, the Association Culturelle des Tamouls at Vauréal, Paris, France, handed over to Prof. Jaroslav Vacek the Aruntamil Award (Aruntamil Virutu) in appreciation of his internationally acknowledged work in Tamil Studies, especially in classical Tamil literature.

Indonesian State Award to Ing. Mgr. Zorica Dubovská

The notable Czech expert on Indonesia, Ing. Mgr. Zorica Dubovská, was presented with the Bintang Jasa Pratama medal on August 17, 2010, during the Republic of Indonesia independence day celebration at the Indonesian Embassy in Prague.

Mongolian State Award to Prof. Jaroslav Vacek

On June 10, 2010, the Mongolian Ambassador in Prague, H.E. S. Tsoggerel, invited Prof. Jaroslav Vacek, Director of the Institute of South and Central Asia of the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, to his office in order to present him with the Mongolian State Award, the Nairamdal Medal (Friendship Medal).

Gold Medal of the National University of Mongolia Awarded to Czech Mongolist

On November 8, 2007, the National University of Mongolia awarded the Prof. Choi. Lubsangjab Gold Medal to PhDr. Alena Oberfalzerová, PhD. for her monograph Metaphors and Nomads (TRITON Publishing House, Prague 2006).

Award from the Indian Government to PhDr. Svetislav Kostić, Dr.